Elegant and essential material effect

Inspirations from nature for contemporary spaces

Indoor and outdoor coverings of style thanks to the charm of natural stone combined with innovative and advanced materials. Thanks to Ceramiche Coem material collections, technologically at the cutting edge with a particularly rich and versatile design, stoneware with an intense and material feel manages to enhance spaces and create new dimensions through a continuum between indoors and outdoors. These collections, innovative and elegant in their simplicity, are ideal for use in contexts dedicated to hospitality. The key concepts are: resistance, character and contemporary appeal.

Nature all around

Aesthetic continuity between indoor and outdoor. This is the common thread of a number of extraordinary Coem collections, ideal for public spaces, hotels, swimming pools and spaces dedicated to wellbeing. The material-inspired coverings make it possible to design the outdoors as an extension of interior environments, giving new visual volumes to spaces. The protagonists of the collections are different textures inspired by the “concrete” fascination of different materials, but all encapsulating the man-nature relationship, able to make public spaces and areas dedicated to hospitality warm, welcoming and bright.

Homely warmth in the hotel

When entering a hotel, we are immediately driven by a curiosity that stimulates observance of the space welcoming us. Comfort, relaxation, efficiency and cleanliness are key elements of hotel hospitality, able to offer very different experiences which are continuously updated and stimulating. There’s also something intangible, however, that we are increasingly looking for: a sense of home. Like furnishing elements or garden design, materials, like floors and coverings, play a fundamental role in transmitting a welcoming atmosphere in the different areas of the hotel. The choice of flooring is, consequently, decisive, in which it’s necessary to combine aesthetic needs with high standards of performance: from hygiene to ease of surface cleaning, to the question of being anti-slip. The mix between performance and aesthetic appearance is a perceived value for the guest and Coem offers many different solutions for enhancing areas dedicated to hospitality.

Material effect: always different, always new

In architectural projects, it’s necessary to find the best point of convergence between the performance of the materials and the aesthetic quality of the coverings: Coem’s marble-effect porcelain stoneware is the ideal solution for interior designers looking for seductive, harmonious, versatile and communicative surfaces. For restaurant floors, hotels and wellbeing centres and, in general, for all locations in the hospitality sector, where the passage of people is intense and the image is also a question of substance, Coem offers different collections characterized by high technical performances and with 100% Italian design. Cardoso, for example, is inspired by Cardoso stone; it’s an elegant stone with a strong character and a dark grey colour tending to simple turquoise: these are the distinguishing features of a material suitable for every context available also in warmer shades, finding wide application in both architecture and urban design. Kavastone is another collection in which indoors and outdoors dialogue perfectly: it is inspired by Kavala Stone, a slate of Greek origin, interpreted through particular colour and material effects, respecting the natural tones. Harmony and natural colours are key features of the Madre Natura collection, in which the protagonist is precisely nature with its thousand nuances: it’s an essential stone-effect stoneware, inspired by a Portuguese limestone that expresses sobriety, warmth and a profound sense of conviviality, for a really striking indoor and outdoor effect. Alternatively, it’s possible to opt for the originality of Mea Lapis; in this collection Coem mixes the patterns of stone, marble and slate to create something never seen before: a contemporary stone that perfectly combines the colours of nature and the stone-effect for unrepeatable and unforgettable settings.

These are just some of the material-effect collections created by Coem.