Trend: Botanical Style

Nature in the home

One interior trend to keep an eye on is, without doubt, Botanical Decor. This style consists in introducing a very green touch into the rooms of the home, or also in a professional context, not only with plants, but also with a significant interior design element. It’s possible to create the botanical style choosing the right tastes and the most suitable accessories and furniture; here we give you some tips for colouring your environments, creating harmony between all the elements utilizing nature’s colours and designs.

How to create your own botanical style

The Botanical style is a very versatile style, ideal for enjoyable experimentation, for defining the character of spaces. If you are able to create the right combination of elements the result with certainly surprise you. Plants give life to space, but not having a green thumb is not a good reason to give up on this trend. The botanic style is possible thanks to the choice, for example, of finishes in porcelain stoneware collections with a floral flavour: our walls are magically filled with leaf designs, flowers and lots of different plants. The important thing is to design a homogeneous space that balances finishes and furnishings.

Colours with a botanic flavour

Green, in all its nuances, is obviously the colour par excellence of the botanic style. In its different delicate or soft shades, it transmits freshness and equilibrium and keeps stress at bay. From aqua green to emerald, from apple to sage, from the vigorous green of tropical forests to herb green, this colour in all its variants, is the most appreciated by naturalist designers and enthusiasts of the botanic style. It’s a colour that combines perfectly with white, yellow and red. The most refined proposals derive from a combination with lilac and various shades of grey. Use your creativity and design your ideal “botanic” palette.

Saving nature

The botanic style is one of the most popular trends in current interior design, in which nature is affirmed as the main source of inspiration. Today, more than ever before, sensitivity towards environmental protection and living in respect of nature is becoming a veritable lifestyle, driven by a renewed desire to imagine a future which is greener and in harmony with our planet. This is the inspiration for a decorative collection that celebrates nature, making it the central feature. Fio.Rainforest by Ceramica Fioranese is a collection that perfectly represents the “Botanical trend”: wall coverings that stand out for fascinating textures and the colours of a luxuriant but never too invasive foliage, paying tribute to our planet and transmitting sensations of freshness and wellbeing. The creative concept of this new collection is by designer Davide Tonelli, who has once more been able to design for Fioranese a collection of great impact, perfectly combining designs and colours, making the panels, especially on walls, a truly distinctive element of environments and furnishings.

Botanical love

Have you fallen in love with Fio.Rainforest? If so, you will certainly also appreciate Fio.Clorofilla and Fio.Clorofilla Slabs, two collections launched in 2020, which reinterpret the botanical style in a consistently modern way. Both collections derive from the creative talent of Davide Tonelli and thanks to them we can bring the magic and colours of nature inside our homes. These collections are composed of a range of slabs, ideal for walls, inspired by hand-made botanical designs, which transport the outdoor universe into interior settings, also from the small 20x20cm format. Fio.Clorofilla and Fio.Clorofilla Slabs really permit the use of ceramics in an extremely decorative and elegant way, with a contemporary taste.

Creativity by Fioranese

Designing ever new collections that represent the best of Italian creativity, focusing on quality. This is one of the main values offered by Fioranese. Precisely this company’s philosophy has given rise to one important project: FIO., a line of products that combine design and new trends, craft and technology; a real synthesis of our story made up of great manufacturing excellence. Designers and architects of different inspirations and backgrounds have contributed to this important creative and also craft project over the years, bringing different visions of contemporary living to FIO. Visit this link and let yourself be inspired to find the mood that matches your imagination and find out more about the Botanical trend-inspired collections.
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