Cementine passion: interview with Silvia Stanzani

Filling spaces with colour and… imagination

Cementine are not only a trend; they’re a veritable passion that enchants everybody in the sector, experts and not. Ceramica Fioranese has been working for some time with the designer Silvia Stanzani and together they have created a vast and varied range of Cementine. Distinctive, appealing and extremely trendy, these collections always have something special and unique. The last to appear is Shiny: through the expert use of colour and a shiny finish, it’s perfect for enhancing and illuminating the public and private spaces that we love the most. To find out more about where the inspiration and mood of these collections come from, we’ve interviewed the designer that has led the discovery of this magic world.

LifeTiles: You’ve created lots of different designs. What do Cementine mean for you?

S.Stanzani: Cementine are a really special project. We started it back in 2013… and it’s still full of life. We’ve arrived at the eighth collection; we’ve evolved, satisfying furnishing trends, but at the same time we’ve followed a common thread which has made the project unique with its own special consistency. Diversity has become enrichment, demonstrating the possibility of experimenting by mixing all the collections.

LifeTiles: What makes Cementine Shiny collection really unique? Where does the inspiration for it come from?

S.Stanzani: This collection, as the name suggests, is the only collection with a shiny surface, which lends the decorative patterns a much more powerful chromatic strength, highlighting the simple and essential use of modules.

LifeTiles: In what environments of the home can we best use Cementine Shiny collection?

S.Stanzani: Living room, bathroom, kitchen… I believe that it’s possible to use them in almost every environment with versatile patterns and depending on the combinations. With this special shiny finish, however, they are more suited for covering vertical walls or small portions of floors.

LifeTiles: What features make this collection so contemporary?

S.Stanzani: The reinvention of classic themes in a modern style, generating a perfect mix between history and a contemporary feel.

LifeTiles: With what other finishes could Cementine Shiny collection be used to characterise private or public environments in a harmonious way?

S.Stanzani: Wood, concretes, worn and opaque surfaces in contrast with the shiny effect of Cementine.

LifeTiles: The collaboration with Fioranese is well-established… What makes this relationship creative?

S.Stanzani: It’s not always easy to define what understandings are based on. I believe that we share the same sensitivity to beauty, attention to design and the search for the new both from a technical and aesthetic point of view… and it’s also down to the people who are really a pleasure to work with.