Spring is coming: 4 ideas to renew your outdoors

Let’s get ready for the beautiful season with style

Curating the exteriors of our homes with the same attention and care that we have for our interiors means considering them a natural extension of the living area, to be enjoyed and shared in perfect harmony with our home habitat. This objective is shared by many, and never has the importance of living en plein air, enjoying in full safety the warmth of the sun, fresh air and contact with nature, been better understood. Here are a few tips on how to make our external spaces, whether large or small, welcoming and unique places.

The watchword: decluttering!

Keep your terrace, balcony or garden tidy and don’t use it as a storage area. Once you’ve decided how to renew your terrace, avoid using the outdoor area as a junkyard. If you need additional space, for example, to store your gardening tools, buy a cabinet or chest that can contain what you need from time to time. That way you’ll always have everything in order and in the right place. It you have objects, decorations and outdoor furniture that you don’t use but which are still in good condition and useable, think about selling them, to give them a second life and to free up needed space.

Furnish with style

Choose simple and practical furnishings. To enhance the space, it’s essential to choose a practical type of furnishing that still has its own style, is easily transportable and light and which creates, at the same time, continuity between the indoors and outdoors. In this way, in summer, when you leave the doors open, you will be able to have a unique, large and attractive setting. Among outdoor design trends, the most affirmed one is creating authentic livings rooms outdoors: small or large areas for welcoming friends starting from the first spring evenings.

The importance of greenery

Create green corners. Make the most of the outdoor space to create charming green corners and bring nature into your home: decorate with plants, small shrubs and mini urban gardens. If you’re afraid you’re not sufficiently green-fingered, engage an expert or choose succulent plants: beautiful, original and of all types; they’re easier to look after. Finally, gardening trends in 2022 include aromatic and fruit plants, which acquire a central role. In this way, your garden will be particularly fragranced and will allow you to have aromas, fruit or also vegetables, ready to be enjoyed.

The importance of choosing the right coverings

High-performing, resistant, with a touch of contemporary, or inspired by nature: outdoor coverings combine practicality and design, to make every outdoor space unique. There is always a strong desire to live outdoors in the beautiful season. Whether it is a spacious terrace, a small balcony or a garden, the important thing is always to choose a good covering, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for practical ones: porcelain stoneware tiles have the right characteristics, from resistance to important anti-bacterial requirements and ease of cleaning; they also manage to combine these features with up-to-date design and trends. Ceramiche Coem, through its dedicated outdoor collections, makes it possible to use finishings with a natural and material mood with the advantage of creating continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces and with the surrounding greenery. The Borgogna collection in GresX2, for example, is a new generation of tiles of 2 cm thickness, ideal for personalising our outdoors: an expression of the natural simplicity of materials of the past and characterized by the particular “shaped” edge, it will make outdoor spaces safe and extremely bright thanks to its light and warm colours. Bali is very different, interpreting a dense and material slate with bold and irregular graphics: nuances of exceptional beauty and colours that vary from white to yellow, from red to brown, as far as grey, for a collection that generates a fascinating naturalness, inviting us to rediscover in our exteriors a harmony between man and environment. Mother Nature, an elegant, and at the same time, material collection, perfectly links to the outdoor world, thanks to its essential stone-effect ceramic material inspired by a Portuguese Limestone, which lends the environment harmony, warmth and a profound sense of welcome. Pannonia Stone has, instead, the charm of a contemporary and bright Limestone which transforms outdoor spaces with a touch of modernity and refinement.
Alternatively, you can opt for Tuffeau, a really magic collection which makes it possible to admire the beauty of the natural stone present in the castles of the Loire. Here a perfect union is achieved with the combination of technology, charm and versatility found in a collection that exploits the unique quality of a rock able to reflect the history of the environments it covers.
There are many material effects proposed by COEM at our disposal for designing new outdoor spaces.