Elba: the island of a thousand colours

Between a dip in the sea and an excursion, let’s find out about two special projects designed by Coem

You fall in love with the Island of Elba as soon as you arrive, because it has everything: sun, sea, woods, mountains, beaches and cliffs. A lush and magic nature. This wonder is expressed in the beautiful colours of the landscapes, a sequence of shades and tones from blue to light blue, to green, to red and to silver. Let’s allow ourselves to be inspired by two projects that are an integral part of this magic location, suspended between land and sea.

The Island of Elba, a veritable hymn to colour

Everywhere you look on Elba, blue is the colour that most captivates the eyes. First and foremost, the blue of the wonderful sea that surrounds the island, which passes from all the shades of light blue and at times of green, to arrive at transparency. It’s a marvellous place in every season, for example, in spring when the natural world reawakens, the greenery is enriched with colourful blooms such as the yellow of the gorse, the fuchsia of the prairies of Hottentot figs, and the white of the small flowers of the tree heather. Autumn is also full of new and different colours such as the brown of the chestnut trees or of the dry leaves, but it’s in summer that Elba is at its best thanks to the blue of its wonderful sea and the silver of its reflections.

Furnishing your own special refuge

When you have the fortune to live, even for only part of the year, in such a wonderful place, furnishing private or commercial spaces down to the smallest details is perhaps one of life’s greatest pleasures. For a successful interior design, it’s essential to know how to combine the harmony of the interior spaces with the surrounding nature which is the absolute protagonist of this splendid island. Choosing the right finishes that perhaps accompany our most precious days of our holiday is, therefore, of the utmost importance. What will be the finish that we choose for that floor so close to the sea, which knows how to dialogue with the outside and which gives us serenity and harmony? Here we present two projects which are different but united by Coem’s love for the material effect and for nature.

A unique hotel with a special view

The Airone hotel is situated in San Giovanni, in the Golfo di Portoferraio, in a really quiet area, immersed in the green of a large park-garden full of palm trees, maritime pines and eucalyptuses. The gardens of the hotel reach as far as the sea right in front of the splendid Rocca Medicea di Portoferraio. There are many and varied spaces and environments that characterise this structure unique of its kind: bars, swimming pools and restaurant; public areas that dialogue with each other thanks to the care taken in the choice of finishes with a material and natural feel. Following this philosophy, a stone-effect collection has been chosen that dialogues perfectly with the exterior. In a number of the public area the flooring has been developed using Coem’s 2 cm collection. There is a wonderful and surprising effect produced by this collection for floorings with a minimal stone effect in typically Nordic tones, with elongated, light, one-color streaks. All its characteristics emerge perfectly for the raised floor of the hotel restaurant, which directly faces the garden. To make the dialogue between structure and nature even stronger, Habita wood-effect porcelain stoneware has been used for the walkways around the bungalow area.

A safe and truly authentic wood-effect!

Situated on the south coast of the Island of Elba, only 50 metres from a sandy beach in the Baia di Lacona, Camping Lacona Pineta offers lighted swimming pools and a marvellous garden. All the bungalows have a small patio for really feeling in contact with the surrounding nature. Immersed in a pine forest of the Arcipelago Toscano National Park, the campsite has a magnificent swimming pool: the real jewel of the structure. Of various dimensions and depths, it’s a veritable oasis for the joy of adults and children. Wood-effect porcelain stoneware from Coem’s Habita collection has been used in this special space for spending wonderful holidays, for bordering the swimming pool to obtain a natural look that integrates perfectly in the water park and brings out the colour of the surrounding nature. HABITA lends a modern interpretation to wood in porcelain stoneware in its most sophisticated and elegant qualities: natural colours, decisive tones and an almost uniform material effect. Between one dip and another into the water, let’s takes inspiration to personalise our exteriors… bringing to our house a little bit of the island of Elba.
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