Enhancing spaces thanks to decorations

Creative projects for personalising our environments to the maximum.

Through volume effects, geometric patterns and colour variety, and thanks to Fioranese Porcelain Stoneware solutions, it’s possible to use a new creative language, which can enrich and enliven an anonymous wall or lend character and personality to the different areas of our homes. There are lots of decorations in Porcelain Stoneware that can be used to cover an entire wall or only part of it, as well as floors, giving the different spaces a touch of modern originality or of allure with a retro taste, but always in a contemporary vein. Today we want to suggest a number of solutions with a strong impact to further stimulate the imagination in the development of new projects.

Attention to formats and unusual combinations

It’s possible to obtain very different results, depending on the chosen format. Small geometric formats can, for example, create dynamic compositions to create original bed headboards, or to embellish a niche or also give particular character to a wall. Using, instead, large formats, an effect similar to wallpaper can be obtained, reducing the joins to a minimum and highlighting the maxi decorations, for a trendy and exclusive result.

Hygienic and practical

The ceramic tile remains a hygienic covering suitable for numerous residential and commercial contexts. In the times we live in, being able to count on surfaces that are easy to clean is not something to be taken for granted. A wall behind a bed, for example, covered with tiles, will certainly be easier to clean and more hygienic. This solution could be ideal also for covering walls which are subject to damp, are unsuitable for wallpaper, or tend to bring out unsightly mould spots.

Technology and imagination!

Thanks to advanced technologies, the graphics of stoneware tiles are increasingly attractive and are an excellent alternative to wallpaper. Moreover, the ceramic material is very resistant: it does not alter over time and does not deteriorate. It doesn’t lose its colour with exposure to sunlight or with the passing of time, nor does it get darker in environments such as the kitchen or wear out in the bathroom. On the Fioranese site there are many settings from which to gain inspiration for creating your ideal environment.

Japanese style for a touch or originality

In the Fioranese KINTSUGI_20 collection there are many original decorative possibilities for renewing the concept of ceramic covering and for personalising residential and commercial spaces with Japanese-inspired elements. The collection is characterised by a shiny majolica-effect surface in 20.13×20.13 cm format and graphics that recall the unmistakable and refined Japanese-style patterns, opening up new possibilities for contemporary living.
If you visit the Fioranese site you will immediately fall in love with the romantic and delicate atmospheres evoked by this collection, which will accompany your days with style and lightness.

Decorate with style and personality

The geometric decorations in Porcelain Stoneware are the ideal choice for enriching a modern or a vintage flavour furnishing style, and are perfect for creating elegant floor carpets and for highlighting more or less extensive portions of walls. Fioranese’s MARMOREA INTENSA_20, for example, can be used together with other plain colour collections to create light and harmonious settings, inventing numerous creative combinations. It’s a really intense and decorative 20×20 cm collection with vintage accents and patterns embellished with colour. The decorations interplay with the different colours proposed, magnificently coordinated from harmonious and contrasting viewpoints, for an interior design with clear ideas and without compromises: a style with a strong personality that will lend strong character to the spaces that we have chosen to enhance.