Thinking big has never been so easy

Redesign spaces with the Coem’s new WIDEgres280 format

The forced reclusion of this year has generated an incredible urge to bring nature into the home, also for those who don’t have the good fortune to have a garden surrounding their home. The objective now becomes that of creating material-inspired environments through technological and special finishings without architectural or deign limits. Finishings, therefore, have become very important for redefining the spaces of our daily lives

Settings with fluid boundaries

The growing desire to live without boundaries is leading to a marked fluidity in spaces and adapted styles: in a continuum of environments in which the difference is blurred between in- and outdoor, between public and private, all day-to-day activities converge. In the same way, interior design projects are adapting by proposing new finishings, but most of all, new dimensions in order to remodel the spaces according to the new demands of those living in them.

New surfaces, new dimensions

Stoneware coverings must, therefore, respect this fluidity without sharp breaks, but which blur the boundaries. Extra-large slabs make it really possible to open the way to new composition opportunities in order to create effects of visual continuity or discontinuity on surfaces. Ideal for use in every room of the house and also in large commercial spaces, they’re perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects which are always in harmony with the surroundings.

Slabs up to 120x280cm, for thinking even bigger

Coem’s brand new WIDEgres280 is added to the large formats already available in the 120×120, 120×240 and 120×260 cm sizes. The new 120x280cm and 6 mm thickness slabs are truly Oversize, and thanks to these new collections, it will be possible to design new spaces that completely revise the architectural dimensions of our environments, lending visual breadth and natural elegance. Greater design freedom has definitely been created through which to further eliminate the sharp separation between indoors and outdoors. The wide range of finishings, moreover, permits extensive customization in style effects, with the objective of responding as fully as possible to professional and private demands. The finishings proposed in WIDEgres280 are unique, inspired by nature, but that’s not all; they offer new design ideas for an interior design approach able to surprise the observer in every moment: we are proud to present the new stone, concrete, granite and marble effects in 120x280cm.

The advantages of the Coem Collections? All will be revealed!

We can begin by saying that the ceramic material produced for these collections is technologically advanced and easily used in also very different contexts in terms of dimension and intended use: from residential spaces to large-scale works in public and commercial contexts. These collections permit a sophisticated look with which it is possible to also create a coordination with other formats and thicknesses to obtain an integrated design. They are also characterized by easy installation and cleaning and don’t need much maintenance, thanks to their intrinsic quality of being highly resistant to stress. Finally, it’s possible to also use them for the external facades of buildings!

A large format but also a large choice

Numerous material effects to choose from. For those who love contrasts characterised by elegance and simplicity, the Black and White Granite Effect collections are ideal for designing refined, but striking interiors. If, instead, the so-contemporary Concrete effect is preferred, it’s possible to opt for the Grey, Ivory or Graphite Cement Effect collections. Thanks to the use of these finishings, environments acquire an elegant and extremely modern feel, in line with the current interior design trends that see concrete as a true protagonist. The Venato Caramel Marbles Effect collections, instead, focus on the warm light that makes it possible to create extremely welcoming and relaxing environments, obtainable also with the Reverso Beige collection which, thanks, to its shadings, gives light and warmth to the surroundings. Finally, if the aim is a more choreographic effect, the Marbles Effect in the Bianco Luce and Azul Bahia colours will enchant thanks to the brilliant and original tones which surprise us and take us to far-off lands, lending a sophisticated and pleasant look to our environments.
Thanks to Coem’s WIDEgres280, its really possible to redefine the dimension and the architectural space of all our environments.