Has spring arrived? Let’s create!

An original and eclectic project thanks to the Cementine collections

Cementine mon amour! Fioranese was one of the first ceramic companies to create many different collections reinterpreting the world of the Cementine, furnishing elements with a definitely retro taste, but also strong in impact and design. Colour and geometry, original graphics and patterns: these are the aspects that distinguish these ceramic tile pieces, which are increasingly enhancing homes, but also commercial areas such as bars, restaurants and hotels; all contexts that, thanks to Cementine, are characterized by the care taken in the fittings and in the particular atmospheres.

A tile with a big history

The history of the first Cementine tiles began at the end of the 1800s and in the early 1900s, when they were produced in various parts of Europe and became a symbol thanks to their wide use in the decorations of new architectural designs or in the restoration of the floors of buildings from previous centuries. Not everybody knows that a famous enthusiast of this material was Antoni Gaudí, who used it, for example, in the floor of Casa Milà, the motif of which is borrowed in the flooring of the Paseo de Gràcia in Barcelona.

The future with roots in the past

Today new technologies and latest generation digital printers make it possible to produce Cementine tiles in porcelain stoneware, which perfectly reproduce those of the past with different sizes and shapes, or to create new, very original patterns starting from the infinite combinations of colours and graphics with patchwork effects. In addition, Cementine tiles are perfect for interacting with other materials such as wood, cement and steel; they combine easily, in fact, with other finishings and the Cementine tiles immediately lend personality and character to any environment, making it unique, or can be inserted into furnishing elements such as tables or bathroom furniture, or can have the important function of delimiting spaces, creating original and coloured “islands”.

Cementine tiles: from decorative tradition to modern taste

Together with the designer Silvia Stanzani, Fioranese has revisited and reinterpreted the meaning of Cementine tiles, making them contemporary, in the material, in the colours, and in the graphics details. It’s a product of the past that belongs to Italian history and, more in general, European history. There are many Fioranese collections which, over the years, have won over the world of interior design thanks to the possibility of creating different moods through the mix of patterns and colours. Every Cementine collection makes it possible to obtain a particular and unique effect.
Cementine_Black&White, with a minimal appearance, decorate using opposites, while maintaining a delicate balance between black and white, for a modern and contemporary decorative minimalism; Cementine_Boho takes inspiration from the Boho-chic style, in a mix&match version; Cementine_Cocci are for creative and vivacious solutions with a retro style. There are truly many and varied possibilities; discover them all at www.cementinetiles.com

Three projects in one!

A very original project in Pistoia has managed to create a unique and timeless, chic and trendy atmosphere.
Thy Madame, barber and hairdresser for women, is situated in the centre of the city; the shop, with particular gilded ceilings and floor finishings, chose to use not one but three Cementine collections by Ceramica Fioranese as veritable carpets, creating in this way a special space with great impact. Three collections were used for this original and unusual project: CEMENTINE_20, CEMENTINE_EVO and CEMENTINE_RETRÒ. This eclectic and spirited project is an original mix that was won over everybody, thanks to the Cementine_20 collections which transform classic motifs into contemporary patterns, in which colour is a protagonist for reinventing space with a new decor, next to the Cementine_Evo that evoke the style of the 1960s through textures and patterns that reinterpret “Pop” influences with new geometries and colours with a refined taste. Finally, Cementine_Retrò: with natural “clay” tones with decorations that can be combined also with the grit surface. Thy Madame will certainly amaze you for its personality and originality because, as the owners say “fashion fades … only style remains the same” (COCO CHANEL).