How to organise a merry and original christmas party

The art of welcoming your friends into your home

How to spend Christmas? It can be the right occasion to enjoy the company of your dearest friends. To exchange gifts or simply to wish each other Merry Christmas, there’s nothing more enjoyable or authentic than a Christmas celebration at home for friends and family. So, there’s no better solution than a Christmas party which, also with quick food courses and brightly coloured drinks, will reward you with an unforgettable evening. Here are some tips for spending unforgettable days and making the home the true star of the evening.

Lunch? No, Brunch is better!

Brunch in company. Lunch is usually skipped on Christmas Eve, so as not to arrive in the evening already full. A good alternative to fasting is to organise a brunch with friends towards 3 pm. You can make toasted sandwiches and other snacks, for which eggs are an essential ingredient! Every self-respecting Christmas lunch must be egg-based, no question. There are hundreds of versions; they can be served as preferred: from the traditional fried eggs, perhaps accompanied by a side dish of spinach with cheese, or boiled eggs with croutons with rosemary. A classic is poached egg with hollandaise sauce. Alternatively, we could go for an excellent omelette with vegetables, or for less demanding scrambled eggs with which to fill a toasted sandwich: there’s lots of scope for creativity.

And ‘the winner is…’

Instead of spending Christmas Eve cooking for everyone, what about inviting round your friends and challenging them to a cooking contest? Each person prepares a dish and the winner will have an extra surprise gift to unwrap. You can also choose a theme or a name for your dish, taking inspiration from a Christmas character. Children or grandparents could form a jury and armed with score cards to vote for the best dish! To follow, a marathon of Christmas films, obviously chosen by the winner. It’s a great idea and a perfect way to pass the time: eating, laughing, joking and, perhaps, at the end, you can also play bingo!

Feast at the table!

Whether it’s brunch, dinner or Christmas lunch, the table has to be truly special, prepared with care and able to effectively communicate the spirit of the occasion. The choice of tablecloth, plates and glasses is fundamental: it’s not necessary to buy everything for the occasion, sometimes it’s sufficient to use in a creative way what we’ve already got in the cupboard, waiting for a special occasion to be shown off. An old set inherited or received as a present mixed with a contemporary or shabby touch will produce a sophisticated and unique effect. This idea is also very sustainable because it involves reusing what we love most. The centrepiece is essential for completing the overall look: for example, a garland made with fir, red berries and pine cones is the classic Christmas centrepiece, perhaps with stem candles or white tealights inserted. A fine decorated panettone placed on a stand is also a splendid idea for decorating the table, as well as being really good to eat.

Our home, our world

Choosing the best Christmas decorations for the home and the outdoors at the most joyful time of the year can really make a difference between a home decorated just for the sake of it and a perfect “Christmas style” residence. When we decide to open up our living spaces to friends and welcome those we love, we want to do so in a setting which truly reflects us, which is a mirror of our tastes and of the attention that we have in taking care of what surrounds us. As we know, style is made up of so many little details and the floor and wall finishes that we choose are certainly a fundamental element that characterizes our environments. Fioranese’s ‘Kintsugi’ collection is really perfect for making a space unique and is also ideal for welcoming friends and family for spending unforgettable hours together. Let’s find out more together.

KINTSUGI: design fragments

Elegance and careful attention to details, originating from the Far East, become a new trend of contemporary interior design: this is the spirit of the KINTSUGI collection. The art of recomposing is the delicate symbolic lesson suggested by the ancient art of kintsugi, which Fioranese reproposes on concrete-effect tiles which are combined with the brilliant shine of metal, to enrich welcoming and unconventional environments. A complex and dynamic collection, available also in small formats with decorative 20.13×20.13cm elements, it reproposes refined, ever-changing suggestions, thanks to the “Japan style” decorations able to enhance floors and wall coverings with a non-conventional design.

A collection that speaks of Design and Made in Italy

It’s no surprise that Fioranese’s ‘Kintsugi’ collection has been selected for publication on the ADI Design Index 2022, which identifies the best Italian design in production, selected by ADI Design’s permanent Observatory. ‘Kintsugi’ entered by right in the selection as already winner of the 7th edition of the prestigious “ADI Ceramics & Bathroom Design Award”, conceived to highlight the most innovative Italian products in the ceramics and bathroom furnishing sectors, set up by ADI, Associazione per il Design Industriale (the Italian Industrial Design Association), Emilia Romagna delegation, during Cersaie 2021. In the ADI Design Index, products are selected that stand out for originality, functional and product type innovation, for the production processes chosen, for the materials used, for the overall style. Particular attention is given to products that express sustainability values; being published on the ADI Design Index means participating in the pre-selection phase of the famous ADI Compasso d’Oro, which is awarded every two years. We are truly proud to represent Made in Italy in the best way possible.