Nature, culture and new textures: here are the new Fioranese collections

A multifaceted world full of material and artistic suggestions

Ceramica Fioranese’s new Temporary Workspace transforms into an artist’s studio for hosting the latest collections. Here ceramics dialogue with works of art, in a journey through alternating worlds and seasons. The search for new forms continues, and feeds on different suggestions making reference to Asian cultures and works of exceptional design, opening up dialogues between space, surface and contemporary living. The major feature is colour, which alternates in original compositions and combinations that go alongside the rediscovery of ancient processes, but also innovative weaving techniques, the assembly of different materials, with textures that are inspired by the world of art or of nature. Let’s discover the collections together on the site and explore the new space thanks to the virtual tour.

Granum: the elegance of light and shade in a modern guise

This collection is inspired by the Brazilian original and striking decorative effects have been created from it. Thanks to Granum, it’s possible to obtain new original settings for environments that stand out for novelty and elegance. The inspiration behind this collection starts from two granites of Brazilian origin: the characteristic blue of Azul Bahia and the deep black of Via Lattea, both run through with white veins and composed of a medium-small grain. The other colours stat from black, gradually transforming into dark grey, light grey and white. The fine texture and the veining, always dotted with a very light white, which in the black looks like the night sky, lending the product a uniform and extremely refined appearance. Granum makes it possible to develop projects that make wall finishings the true protagonists of living spaces and otherwise, establishing new boundaries for the use of colour.

Schegge: the collection with new aesthetic standards

Thanks to the irregular effects, it’s possible to create spaces characterised by a contemporary dynamism. Schegge is a new, extremely original, collection in which marble fragments into irregular splinters of different thicknesses and expands over a resin-effect surface with warm tones, creating irregular and dynamic patterns. This collection, used both on walls and floors, becomes a veritable decoration that lends great personality to all the rooms of the home, from the living room to the bathroom area or the night area; the different colour combinations and marble splinters will make surfaces the perfect setting for our spaces.

Kintsugi, the silent elegance of the Orient

The art of reassembling is the delicate lesson suggested by the ancient art of kintsugi, and it is precisely from here, and more generally from oriental culture, made up of simple and elegant suggestions, that the inspiration for this new extraordinary collection derives. Thanks to Kintsugi, it’s possible to bring into our homes the refined Japanese culture, triggering new dialogues based on simplicity and the taste for a contemporary mood, because nothing is destroyed and everything can be reassembled in new and original patterns.

Marmorea Intensa, colour takes on new forms and shades

Nature has always been a great source of inspiration, suggesting colour combinations, classic and also original matchings, because seasons repeat but are never exactly the same. The Marmorea Intensa collection, just like the passing of the seasons, reinterprets colours, also the more classic ones, with a new light and saturation; here, therefore, proposed with a new stylistic mood, we have the purity of white, the profound luminosity of green and light blue, and the intense depth of red. Thanks to original combinations of fluid movements, culture and classicism, technology and innovation mingle with shiny and matt decorative accents for a multifaceted revisitation of marble material: Marmorea Intensa is more than a collection, it’s a new vision of the succession of colours of nature.


The collection follows one of the macro trends of 2020 for interior design which is “Biophilic Design”. This trend focuses on the relationship between Man and Nature, striving to create spaces to “bring the outdoors” into, to give people the opportunity to make the best of it. The project, created by Davide Tonelli, is composed of a range of tiles inspired by hand-crafted botanical designs that bring the natural universe of the outdoors into interiors. Thanks to Fio.Clorofilla, the separation between indoors and outdoors becomes less clear, and the dialogue between Man and Nature stronger. This collection is one of the most original ways to enhance the beauty and harmony of Nature within a living space. Fio.Clorofilla turns our homes into bright, inviting winter gardens.
To find out more about these collections, appreciate the details and discover the many possible combinations for every living space, and more, visit, where you’ll find lots of examples and dedicated videos for each collection.