Outdoors to enjoy to the full

Furnishing our outdoors with imagination

To enjoy the summer, what’s important is not the size of the space available, but choosing the right garden furniture to enhance the environment; sometimes a well-designed corner is sufficient to make our moments of relaxation from the daily routine more pleasant and enjoyable. Furnishing outdoor spaces in an original way is an excellent way to create a special atmosphere that reflects our personality and tastes. There are many ways to make our outdoors special, both in the choice of objects and in the organisation of the spaces; let’s take a look together how.

How do we imagine our outdoors?

One of the first things to consider is the theme or stye that we want to give to our outdoor space. It’s possible to opt for a rustic style, using natural materials such as wood or stone, or a more modern style with clean, minimalist lines. A specific theme can also be chosen, such as, for example, a zen garden with a lake and aromatic plants, or a Mediterranean garden with typical plants of the local region. As for the choice of objects, we can use recycled or recovered elements to create unique and original pieces. For example, metal barrels no longer used can be turned into flower pots, while an old repainted stepladder can become shelves for plants or a support for climbing plants. Just trust your imagination to find really unique solutions.

Space for art

Another idea for furnishing the garden in an original way is to use unusual objects as decorative elements. Old drink glasses can be hung on trees to create a glowing effect, or chairs from other eras can be painted and used as flower boxes. Finally, to make the garden really original, artistic elements can be inserted, such as sculptures or works of art; positioned in the right places they can make a corner truly special. This will give a unique and personal touch to the outdoors, making it a place of inspiration and beauty.

Atmosphere first and foremost

From the simplest of models to those with the most elaborate design, from glass to cement, from metal to mother of pearl, there’s a furnishing accessory that our outdoor spaces should never be without: the candle holder. With a minimal or more elaborate design, coloured or black & white, this decoration is perfect for any type of home, from one with a contemporary style to one in country chic style. In addition, candle holders are today made of lots of different materials, from glass to plastic, and can be used both to embellish a table and to create the right atmosphere during a dinner in the garden; they become magic if used along walkways, as if illuminating the paths towards special places.

Make it colourful!

In an outdoor space, it’s important to arrange comfortable and, why not, extremely colourful seats. It’s possible to plan a living area, for example, using furniture with shades inspired by nature or also contrasting with natural colours. A particularly amusing trend is using seats or tables in coloured plastic, available in numerous colours; just put a light blue deckchair in the garden or a yellow table on the balcony and brilliant green stools near the bar in the pool area, in order to immediately have a light and attractive space ready to host our next summer party!

A carpet with unexpected graphics and colours

Outdoor finishings that enhance our dehors are crucial for creating the right atmosphere. Together with designer Silvia Stanzani, Fioranese has created a truly special collection of Cementine called Openair: its decorations are a reinterpretation of classic and geometric modules that offer multiple compositional possibilities and colour solutions with pastel shades. Available in six single patterns, always in 20×20cm format, the Cementine Openair can be used either as a unique module or combined with other series. Truly maximum creative freedom, thanks to this collection which allows us to use one of the company’s most iconic products also for outdoors. What’s more, the Cementine collections this year celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first release of the Cementine 20 collection, presented at Cersaie 2013. It’s a very important milestone; who knows how many projects have been made special by all the different Clementine versions in these last 10 years! Thanks to these collections, which we continue to fall in love with, we can today design outdoor spaces of great impact, embellishing our external area with new graphics, developing magic carpets on which to spend our summer evenings. One of the most interesting aspects of the Cementine is certainly their versatility. They can be used both for floors and wall coverings, and adapt well to different furnishing styles, from classic to modern, thanks precisely to the multiple graphics and colours that can be used for different settings, lending an original and, at the same time, modern touch.
All that’s really left to do is browse the site to start imagining our new outdoors…and not only!