What are the 2022 furnishing trends for the outdoors?

Colours, materials and furnishings for cosy and design outdoors

The garden and the outdoor area are the natural extension of a home and as such need a design that finds a balance between indoors and outdoors, following the concept and guidelines of the interior designer that worked on the house or, even better, of its inhabitants. A well-thought-out garden, balcony or terrace enhances the charm of the home. The design of the outdoors does not just refer to the furnishing, but also involves the choice of greenery, lighting and the choice of materials for the finishes. Below we give you some advice on how to enhance and make your outdoor area truly unique.

Furnishing the outdoors creating continuity with the interiors

Today’s pervasive way of living the home has changed people’s habits also in terms of the management and exploitation of its spaces. Spending most of the time in the garden or on the terrace has led to the need to furnish these spaces with extreme care: forms and materials conceived for the outdoors which perfectly adapt also to the indoors, creating continuity between the spaces of the home. Examples include innovative materials such as rattan, hemp and materials of nautical origin, which have been developed for furnishing the garden, while making an aesthetic contribution also in the home. Outdoor living areas that are in no way inferior to the classic living rooms for interiors, both in terms of colours and comfort!

Choosing the colours for the furnishing

Furnishings with neutral colours and natural materials that transmit peace and wellbeing are the trends of this period. Palettes that communicate serenity, calm and relaxation, but also cheerfulness and energy dominate. Neutral, warm and reassuring colours taken from nature such as ivory, cream, grey, beige, dove-grey, camel, soft colours that create a balanced setting for spaces. We also adore, however, more lively colours like light blues and greens for stimulating rest and optimism … and make you dream of the sea!

An outdoor living room

Ideal furnishing materials are those made of natural fibres and with organic shapes. Warm wood, for example, for tables and chairs, mixed with linen or cotton coverings, to create an effect of warmth and lightness. For new homes it’s best to use furnishings with low environmental impact such as wood, steel, recycled plastic or cardboard. Online it’s possible to find really lots of ideas for choosing the solution that you like best and which nevertheless respects, above all, the environment. Sustainability has to always be a must, also for furnishings of outdoor spaces, whether public or private.

Outdoor lighting, the trend is for illumination with a light touch

One of the strongest 2022 trends is certainly wireless lights, lamps free of cables and portable lighting systems, inside and outside the house, on the floor next to the sofa for a relaxing lighting, on the balcony to create atmosphere or to hook to branches for a bucolic setting. Nomadic objects can be used, with batteries that last around six-seven hours at full power, or also more than a day if used at low intensity. Sustainability is also important for lighting; there are lamps made with natural eco-compatible fibre (bamboo, glass), with a vast combination of different materials such as metals and polymers, untreated or antiqued wood, all highly recyclable.

The perfect outdoors

Designing and organising the outdoors means taking account of numerous technical aspects that could affect the exploitability of the environments; specifically, the choice of solutions technically suitable for the outdoors is essential, but it is also important to respect the mood and style of the finishes used for the indoors. Ceramiche Coem offers various collections which are ideal for creating continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces through different (and always very material) solutions. Tuffeau dorato is a calm and warm stone-effect collection that makes it possible to create a relaxing and cosy outdoor environment where the sun seems to shine all year through, thanks to its light and really natural finish, available also in a particularly versatile white version in combinations with the furnishings. Or you could opt for antique stone-effect Borgogna bianco, to obtain an external space which is completely integrated with the surrounding nature, in perfect harmony and equilibrium. There is a different mood, instead, for Mea lapis avorio, in which the effect obtained will be of contemporary outdoors, ideal for bringing a touch of nature into our cities in an original way. Finally, the simple and striking Pannonia Stone greige collection will make your outdoors modern and ready to host aperitifs and evenings with friends. If, instead, you prefer a warmer and cosier effect, the Lignea collection will allow you to have a wood effect with the quality and resistance of Coem-designed porcelain stoneware.