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Furnishing the living area in style

Just bought a new home? Facing the classic dilemma of how to furnish the various areas? The first place to consider has to be the living area, the heart of the home, where we all spend lots of our time. Furnishings have to be inviting, comfortable and functional, and with a touch of design, so we can welcome our friends into a room they’ll be looking forward to seeing again. So we’ve decided to offer you a few furnishing tips that are perfect for a living area with a modern, elegant allure; and if you’re looking for some more inspiration, we’ve given you a few websites to look at for ideas and maybe a little online shopping.

Lamps you’ll love

A living area without a floor lamp can look a little bare. When we fancy reading a good book lounging comfortably on the sofa, or when we’re looking to add a little atmosphere, we prefer slightly softer, less direct lighting than a ceiling lamp. At https://www.lightingshop.it/, we’re sure you’ll find the lamp of your dreams.

Chic and comfortable!

The star of any self-respecting living room is the sofa. Size is very important if we’re looking for a classy, comfortable living space: for small living rooms, we’ll want to have a smaller sofa, perhaps with the addition of one or two club chairs that are comfortable, without taking up too much space. At https://www.madeindesign.co.uk/, you’ll find plenty of options: designer sofas, pouffes and sofas suitable for all sorts of settings and budgets.

Furnishing with books

Whether you’re a book lover or simply an interior design aficionado, no home is complete without a bookcase: there’s nothing quite like it to bring a sophisticated, geometric allure to your living area. Furnishing your sitting room with a bookcase will not only help you keep your reading material in order; it’ll also add a sophisticated, personal touch. And remember your books can also share the shelves with objects such as vases, small artworks, ornamental plants and souvenirs from your travels. You’ll find lots of interesting, modular solutions at https://www.westwingnow.it/librerie/

The perfect setting for your living area

The finishes of the floors and walls are the most important element in our living areas, creating the right atmosphere for us to welcome friends and family in. FIO. by Fioranese is a superb ceramic design solution that offers you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of different colours, textures and geometries, all of them striking and distinctive, and perfect for the living area. The project gathers together the inspirations and creativity of Davide Tonelli, who for FIO. has designed the Liquida collection, with shapes and graphics evocative of Fifties design, enhanced by painstaking colour research that turns traditional into trendy, while the Passepartout collection allows for the use of single-colour porcelain stoneware volumetric wall panels, ideal for use on their own or combined with other collections. Also by Tonelli is the Block collection, which contrasts striking colours such as green, red and many others to create a new, balanced blend of nuances and combinations. Also for FIO., the architect Luigi Romanelli has created two distinctive collections – Ghiaia and Ghiaia Slabs – that offer a fresh, contemporary interpretation of the traditional terrazzo pattern, maintaining its distinctive texture and making the most of colours such as blue.