‘yes we do’

Italian ceramics have never been so green

The effects of climate change cannot be ignored, and businesses have to play their part in minimising their impact on the ecosystem though sustainability and respect for the environment. In this context, Ceramiche Coem is aware of how important it is to engage in research and technology to create products respectful of the environment and the people who live in it. Commitment to the environment is a constant challenge: for this reason, Coem continues to invest in research and development to further improve the compatibility of its production processes, and not only.
This year the company has again published the annual report setting out its commitments and objectives achieved and illustrating for all its stakeholders its strategic plan dedicated to sustainability in economic, social and environmental terms.

A concrete commitment to sustainability

The sustainability report is an annual account of a non-financial nature, regarding all aspects of governance that have a positive impact from an economic, environmental and social point of view. In short, it’s a document that organises and sets out in black and white the various Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR activities of a company. It is also the outcome of a process, of the path towards the ecological transition the growing sensitivity to issues related to the environment and to society, that the company pursues over time. Coem’s second sustainability report is online where it’s possible to find out all about the actions taken to safeguard the planet and protect people: yes we do!

Why is the report more important today than ever?

The sustainability report is important because it demonstrates the commitment of companies to the community. Transparency is a concept increasingly appreciated by citizens and consumers, who are tending more than ever today to make responsible and informed choices. The sustainability report makes it possible to construct a more solid, reliable credible green reputation. But that’s not all. The effects inside a company itself are also positive, resulting in a shared sense of belonging among employees and facilitating the establishment of new partnerships with stakeholders. Finally, the drawing up of the sustainability report increases the probability of achieving strategic sustainability goals. Coem has adopted a very concrete approach, and thanks to this report, it is really possible to get to know the green policy that pervades all aspects of corporate life in depth, from the product to the protection of workers.

Shared values

The sustainability report summarises and explains with concrete examples what values characterise Coem’s mission: the focus on quality and commitment to certifications in order to guarantee its products; certifications that are being extended, given that in 2022 all Coem’s products have obtained independent verification by Certiquality of compliance with the new ISO 17889-1 sustainability standard for ceramic surfaces, the new international standard for determining the level of sustainability of ceramic products in the construction sector. In addition, important investments have been made in the continuous innovation of products and processes as today environmental protection is not just necessary, it’s essential. Similarly fundamental are the activities that prioritise the customer and support for the community, in this case through special projects that contribute to international programmes, and not only.

A commitment towards the future

Sustainability is a constant commitment for Coem; this is why one of the most important parts of the sustainability report is the section dedicated to the 2023 objectives. Protection of the environment will certainly be of fundamental importance, with specific actions such as an increase in the use of renewable energy sources, achievable through the installation of a photovoltaic plant in the Fiorano plant and a plant for the self-generation of electricity in the Roteglia plant. Coem’s research has for many years integrated perfectly with innovation in order to achieve an essential goal: that of achieving concrete results on the question by promoting behaviour that contributes to sustainable development. This is all possible thanks to its solid commitment to cutting-edge technology and research, to the attention paid to its workers and with its planning of specific actions to reduce environmental impact.