Furnishing the home in vintage style

How to bring a touch of retro inspiration to your furnishing looks

Vintage style is one of the undisputed trends of the moment, with magazines, blogs and trade fairs in the furnishing sector continually suggesting ideas and solutions designed to bring a retro allure to our homes. Naturally, it’s not enough to cobble together some old stuff to bring a vintage look to the home, and a sophisticated, original, organic approach is required. A must for a vintage furnishing look is to seek out objects and accessories that are absolutely unique, yet able to join forces to create a smooth overall effect in your home. If you’re wondering where to start, street markets are a good place to pick up bits and pieces, but there are a few rules to follow, and it helps if you know what you’re looking for.

A few must-follow rules for a vintage-style furnishing look

Lately just about everything seems to have gone magically vintage, with clothes, design and furnishing shops specialising in this style popping up all over the place. The downside to this is the risk of confusion, or worse, being sold “period” pieces that turn out to be nothing of the sort. Here are three simple rules that might help us avoid these pitfalls:
– First of all, remember that a vintage object must be at least 20 years old; the term refers to objects from the last century, up to the Eighties and Nineties.
– So in general, it’s important not to mix vintage objects from different periods, and to create a smooth mix of elements from broadly the same period.
– Finally, it’s best to avoid furnishing the whole home in retro style, which is likely to be a bit much, focusing instead on one particular room, such as the sitting room, bedroom or kitchen.

Objects with a special meaning, straight from the heart

The passion for vintage style comes from the heart, and each of us has his or her own cult objects, taken either from the past or based on our personal interests, such as a love for music, art or interior design. For instance, a photography aficionado seeking to bring a vintage touch to the home might choose a vintage camera, either from the early days of the art, or even a Polaroid from the 1980s. Everyday objects have frequently taken on a symbolic role in interior design, so for example, if you’re a fan of old suitcases, they can be used in a variety of ways: they look great arranged in order of size, and are the ideal solution for tidying away household objects. They can be used in place of a bedside table or a chest of drawers, or as a trunk for storing blankets, bringing a whole new mood to the bedroom.

Another must-have are old picture frames, which have an allure all of their own, especially when they’re faded by time and have taken on a bit of an aged look. They’re great for framing old family portraits, or for creating a mini-gallery on a particular theme, for example botanical prints or postcards from decades ago. They can bring a distinctive furnishing touch to the wall at an entrance, or a hallway. There are all sorts of objects you can choose from; all you need to do is position them carefully to show the design off to best advantage.

Not just furnishings. Retro finishes and covering solutions

Creating the right atmosphere is a must for fans of vintage style, so floor and wall coverings also have a key role to play. Walls must be in pastel shades; bright colours and acid shades are a definite NO, while any shade of white is great, as are dusty pastel tones of pink, blue, sea green and light grey. To complete the vintage mood, the flooring is hugely important.
Ceramica Fioranese offers several retro-style collections with a contemporary twist. A perfect choice is the I COCCI Collection, which boasts all the charm of old-style grit floors, in a hard-wearing, practical ceramic version, inspired by the floor of an old farmhouse in Romagna, from the early 20th century, when cement began to be used as a binder in renovation projects, and pieces of marble or recycled materials were incorporated into the flooring. Ceramic material attracts the light, reflecting it in a different, original way every time thanks to the variety of shades of colour contained in the tiles, bringing a retro touch to the atmosphere of the home and other settings. A modern-day take on a traditional style, able to respond to the most contemporary interior design trends.

A splendid, striking use of the I Cocci collection has been made by the architect Koutras Konstantinos, who designed Café Coffit in Greece, a delightful place in which modern blends seamlessly with vintage to create a unique, warm, designer atmosphere, marked by original light effects and a sophisticated, unconventional allure. Take a look at all the photos of Café Coffit on Ceramica Fioranese’s Instagram channel: it’ll make you want to get on the first plane for Greece.